Accessory - is a small thing that holds a meaning that is very important and valuable in creating a flawless and elegant style. Everything changes in modern fashion over the years, but such an element of the wardrobe as a brooch, will always serve as the perfect complement to your image.

We hope that among the exclusive brooches handmade from VLASSOFF studio everyone can find a decent option for decorating with the necessary stylistic content. When you create accessories from VLASSOFF main principle in the work is that every single thing exists in one copy, and never duplicated exactly, even when the customer wishes to copy.

Authorship of the idea of creating brooches from "know how" technology of production to final packaging decoration owned by the founder VLASSOFF studio, Inna Kuznetsova. The second author is Polina Orlova. In the past - diligent student, now - the creator of jewelry worthy of higher quality.

Only original materials are used in the process of creating VLASSOFF brooches: natural, semi-precious and precious stones (agate, tourmaline, pearls, amber, etc.); crystals and Swarovski (Austria), high-quality imitation pearls, beads and seed beads (Czech Republic, Germany, China, Japan), an exclusive textile decor.

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